From July 2016

Ardler Fun Day

3d print 3In June, we attended the Ardler Community Fun Day. It was so exciting to see the variety of things on show from Ardler Village and meet some of the community who might take part in our future ‘Ardler Inventor Days’ (hackathons). We chatted to a range of people from those who have lived in the community for over 40 years, some who are interested in using their skills such as embroidery or cross stitching and others who are interested in playing with new technology. Our stand, showed off a taster of the technology we could use for the ‘Ardler Inventor Days’.

We had a model of Ardler Village with 3D printed houses that lit up with LEDs, a 3D printer printing houses from Ardler and some musical embroidery for people to try out. These were all made using technology we can use for the ‘Ardler Inventor Days’.

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